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We Heart It is an app based on the images that are shared over the social network to inspire others. The app is considered as the home for your inspiration or the place where you can organize things that may inspire you.

FIFA app is the first place that you should use in order to keep track of what it is taking place with World Cup 2014. The apps can be accessed on the android device known as the Jellybean bar.

Technology has changed our lives drastically. We can do a lot of things which our ancestors would never have imagined. In the past people used cameras of low quality and they had no way to make the picture look beautiful. They could neither change its theme nor could change its colours.

After the recent economic downturn jobs were short but with economic activity regenerating all over the world; the number of jobs are also increasing. Earning is everyone’s need and a good job is what people seek. Monster Jobs is an app that helps you search premier jobs and stay in touch with the best employers.

A lot of people prefer to make plans according to weather conditions. Weather plays an important role in our daily life. If we know what will be tomorrow’s weather, we could arrange our routine accordingly. This is the best way to keep our work running.

The new Cymera season 2 is your own photo playground. There are 100 million users worldwide and now Cymera shows itself as a new and better looking app.

Swarm app is the app that can help the user to add social features quickly and faster to the android games. The app helps the user to add and to use the social features at once within the existing apps or games and the user can focus on creating the best content only.

Now-a-days mostly people prefer to download multimedia from the internet on their mobile phones and tablets. To download videos, songs, movies, etc. people download torrents in order to get what they want.

With smartphones becoming more and more intelligent people now avoid sitting in front of laptops and PCs and prefer to use a tab or phone for browsing, communicating, and doing a lot of stuff in the virtual world.

If you are looking for a reality star gazing app that is also educational then it is Star Chart. Over 12 million users have downloaded this all over the world. It is a visual planetarium that you can carry in your pocket wherever you go. The screen of your device is a window into the whole universe.

Smartphones of today are capable of providing a number of utilities to the users. Many apps and software are designed and developed every day to let the users optimize their mobile device and make the most of out of it.

Smartphones of today are capable of providing a number of utilities to the users. Many apps and software are designed and developed every day to let the users optimize their mobile device and make the most of out of it.

A torrent file a data file that links your computer with the people who are sharing (seeding) files related to that torrent on the internet. Without these seeders there would be no person to download files from. Torrents are famous for their aptitude to link multiple files; i.e. one torrent for a whole album.

Noom Weight Loss Coach app will help you to get access to all the guidance and the tools that you need in order to lose weight. The app can help you to form a healthy habits, tracking your exercise, logging your meals and recording your daily tasks. This is a more trusted app that can help to lose weight.

Abs workout app is the app that has the exercises that you can use for 42 days without having to go through any shortcut. The exercises are called Aerobic Weider six. The app has daily workout that you can perform on daily basis in order to get the 6 packs you want.

Latest Top Games

Everyone knows it very well that renowned companies across the globe spend millions on branding and advertisement but has it ever occurred to you how effective these campaigns are? If not, then now have the perfect opportunity to play a few recognizing games with you to see the number of logos you can identify.

Developed and designed by FreaXator games, the 100 ballz is a unique, addictive, and simple action game that demands the player to drop the balls in a cup that continuously moves below. As its name implies, the game begins with one hundred balls but the number of balls is reduced when the player miss the cup.

Agent Dash is a game that comes from developers that have previously produced super hit game apps like Flick Golf, NFL Flick Quarterback and Flick Soccer. This one is a white knuckle ride and is not only intensive but also an explosive game that is meant to be truly thrilling.

It is an interesting game names after a grannie (whose gran we don’t know). The game is a licensed one and allows people to go on a virtual world tour without spending a single penny. That is something quite neat but waits for the condition: you have to dress up as a penguin if you want to go anywhere you want to.

If you like the endless runner games such as temple run, subway surfer and others of the same genre, you are going to love angry gran run. This is a very fun and addictive game of the same running genre with just a simple twist, you are now running through a city and you are a granny!

If one thing has been missing from the world of the netbook, laptop, smartphone, tablet or PC or any other networked device, it is an operating system that crossed the bounds, so to speak, so that if you had a program or game you liked that operated on one, you could use it on another.

Who hasn’t heard of BMX cycling? If you have ever wondered how its like to be BMX cycling, then you can atleast have a taste of it from the not so mainstream BMX cycling game called BMX boy.

Without a doubt, boxing is one of the most popular games in the world today. Boxing arenas or halls are always full to capacity whenever there is a match taking place. it is one of the most lucrative industries. Boxers live lavish lifestyles out of rewards and money earned from matches.

This is a fully refurbished multi player that enables you to take on about five of your friends online or locally. It is able to track the best player by use of the Asphalt tracker which enables one to evaluate stats and display achievements and also give a challenge to the opponents.

Moto X mayhem is one of the best motor cycle games out there. Ever had an urge to play realistic motorcycle game with a flavour of X games while you were riding? If so, moto X mayhem will take you for a ride you will never forget.

All ages enjoy going to the race tracks and watching the cars zipping around. Now this same enjoyment comes to your phone and is completely free to download. That means you can now watch the hours fly by while showing other drivers you are king of the road.

The best way of making children learn is by making the learning process exciting and fun. The junior quest is one of the best gaming apps available on Google Play for young kids . Gaming has a very prominent impact on the young children’s naive minds, especially at such a vulnerable age.

The gaming world is always assumed to be for boys. Over the years, most games have been tailored for the boy child. The girl child is always sidelined when it comes to a good number of games. However, times are changing. This is not the case anymore.

The mission in this game is to match 3 jewels and win as many stars as possible to pass each level of the game. This fun android app is extremely well designed. The developer of this typical jewel matching game is ITREEGAMER.

Experience the pitch feeling with the soccer kick (football) application. Soccer kick is a3D soccer game like no other. The game allows you to practice your free kick skills on a 3 D platform thus giving you optimum control and pinpoint accuracy.

Latest Open Source Apps

Have you ever wished you had a widget that controlled your music applications on your Android devices? This is exactly what the Android application, Media Buttons, does. Created by developer Cory Williams, Media Buttons gives you the ability to pause or play music regardless of what app is playing the music.

Ever wanted to store your travel information from your mobile GPS? Well, you could definitely use Open GPS Tracker in that case. This is quite impressive Android app with the help of which you can keep track of your traveling. It can even help you draw the root and let you share that with your friends as well.

Latest Open Source Games

Simon Tatham's Puzzles is a collection of 34 one-player puzzle games that in all honesty will keep you on your phone for hours at a time. But before to start to talk in details about this apps, there's something important to focus.

Beat, Advanced Rhythm Game is a typical DDR game which is the Dance Revolution game on Android devices. Generally, those games operate base on the feeling of people with the rhythm of a song.