Latest Top Apps

iHeartRadio is an online radio app which has vast varieties of songs from all over the world. It includes live stations and custom stations. Live stations are those which are created by independent sources on certain frequencies. These stations are different with respect to the region.

Walmart app is designed to help the customers to plan their shopping trips and this is the latest way to get access to online and in-stores. The new app is going to help the user to enjoy a seamless and an improved shopping experience around the stores of Walmart in the entire US by using only their mobile phone.

Pinterest is a mobile and web based app and it offers the visual, discovery, storage, sharing and collection tools. The user can create and also share collection of the visual bookmarks on the boards and boards are created when a user selects the website, page or items and pin them on a created board.

A lot of people like to store their memories and most of them like to record it in a camera. This is the best way to keep your memories stored and protected. Now with modern technology we can use our mobile phones and tablets to record special occasions.

Everyone likes to capture their loved moments in the eye of a camera and then watch them later to rejoice them. This is the best way to store your memories. Now-a-days people like to create funny videos or edit their videos in such a way that they look more appealing to them and their family.

Television commercials and magazine articles nowadays all have a discussion about the "beginning of the new era of personal video." It is a period in which everyone can sit down at a computer at home and create a professional-quality motion video.

When it comes to money matters, everyone wants to keep their finances hidden. Nobody wants others to know their banking or credit history. For secrecy during making payments the USAA mobile is the right app. It gives access to your account in a secure manner from your mobile device.

Box is the best sync apps that can be used for the storage devices. It is easy to use the apps securely, to manage the files or to share them. All the documents like photos, documents and document files that can be synchronized. With box, the user will be able to get all the files he needs at one place.

Are you looking for the most easy to use guitaring app? Guitar is the app made just for the music lover who is looking to create new tunes and sequences while sitting in a park or the school library (places where you can’t carry the guitar with you).

On certain app stores like Google Play, AVG Antivirus is the #1 downloaded app. Over a 100 million users of smartphone have installed the products created by AVG for securing their mobiles and devices. You can join these users and become a part of the AVG family too.

All the android devices allow the users to customize and make changes to the interface of the device without getting to do any mechanics inside the hood. Many users get annoyed as they fail to organize the apps in an order.

Customization is the most important feature of your mobile that can distinguish it from other mobiles. You cannot just customize through apps, but through computers and new launchers that expand the facilities of your phone making it distinctive.

Instagram is an online picture-sharing, video-sharing and communal networking site that allows its users to take pictures and videos, apply effects and filters to them, and share them on a selection of other sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr.

Both provisions and their clientele want to lever payments as speedily as possible, and Square incorporation has launched the Square Register app to manage that need for trade pace.

With smartphones getting popular than ever, every other person has one in hand and want to fully utilize the potential of the device. The most common use of a smartphone is to chat with friends and loved ones and take snaps.

Latest Top Games

Steel Avengers: Scorched Earth is a strategy game and it is played online. The game is based on the classic method of build to conquer strategy and it has better features.

Many people enjoy the sport of hunting and they also adopt it as a profession but with the increasing orders of different countries hunting of animals is becoming very rare.

There are many people in this world and almost each and every one of them is a lover of games. There are many different categories of games that are played by various people but there is one specific category of game that is liked by almost every person. This class of games is action games.

Big Fish Casino - Free SLOTS is slot game and if you get lucky, you can become rich with this favorite casino of many people. With Big Fish, it is easy to win big with most of the slots available on other cards likes Roulette, Craps, Texas Hold’em and Blackjack.

There are a lot of games that you can play at a carnival and but there is only one game that has the best advantage for people of winning prizes and it comprises of a claw and a small crane. This game is liked by all the people as they can win bigger prizes with less at the line.

One of the most played games played by people is puzzle games and people like them a lot. There are more than a billion people in this world and almost all of them like puzzle games. Although all the people have different point of views but still there are such games which are liked by all the people.

Solitaire is known as Patience Solitaire and it is popular card and most common card game in the entire world. You can try the game since it is fun and beautiful.

All the people around the world are a fan of such games which are simple to play yet a little challenging so that their affect may still be there even after playing them.

There are many people who like to spend their free time playing games. They believe that games will help them to get rid of their tensions and let them have some quiet time for themselves where they can relieve themselves from their worries of life.

All the people in the world have a hectic routine and sometimes they become so annoyed by it that they just wish that it would just end.

There are a lot of games available on the internet that are funny and interesting but when it comes to play such a game that would take you into such a world that is full of fantasy and excitement. If you want to have such an experience then you should play ‘‘Diamond Digger Saga’’.

QuizUp is a social trivia game that has an appealing list of nearly three hundred topics consisting of approximately 150,000 questions. Users can play the game with many online users and can invite a friend for a burning competition.

“Summoners War: Sky Arena” is an app for mobile gaming in which the user summon more than 400 diverse kinds of monsters to fight for success in the Sky Arena. Itis quite similar to games like Brave Frontier, containing a restricted quantity of power and rather similar in-game actions.

Boom Beach is a tactical battle game where you combat a war against the evil. It was made by the Finnish company; Supercell and launched on 26th March 2014. The game's plot is located in a tropical cluster of islands with the player on one of those islands with gun emplacements and troops.

“Angry Birds” have seen the height of craze and everyone has witnessed that. The developers of the game did not stop and have designed something more furious that will vow the users and fans of Angry Birds.

Latest Open Source Apps

Ever wanted to store your travel information from your mobile GPS? Well, you could definitely use Open GPS Tracker in that case. This is quite impressive Android app with the help of which you can keep track of your traveling. It can even help you draw the root and let you share that with your friends as well.

VLC is one of the most famous program for PC or Mac, useful to watch videos, movies and listen to music or everything else you want. Being one of the most used, VLC programmer have understand that they have to do something that could help the users to have a better experience with their creature.

Latest Open Source Games

Simon Tatham's Puzzles is a collection of 34 one-player puzzle games that in all honesty will keep you on your phone for hours at a time. But before to start to talk in details about this apps, there's something important to focus.

Beat, Advanced Rhythm Game is a typical DDR game which is the Dance Revolution game on Android devices. Generally, those games operate base on the feeling of people with the rhythm of a song.